***A message to our guests highlighting our opening requirements for 2020 season:


*For our beloved bar guests we regret to inform you we will not be doing any seating around the bar at this time.


*We have been told to also remind guests that until the “social distancing” ban is lifted the dining room is for coming in, eating and moving along in a timely manor.


*Masks are required by people who can wear them without any health issues.  As for guests it is suggested you come in with one on as well. Once seated it is stated you may remove the mask but it must go back on to use facilities and walk about.


*To keep the entry way clear please have one member from your party approach the host to see if a table is available. At this time We can’t have groups of 8 or more sitting at one table at a time.


*Our max capacity at one time is 50 people per room. Once a wait has been established please only have one person from your party stay inside to wait for your table.


*Tables will be 6 ft apart or blocked off to not be sat, per Governors orders


*To view our menu you can access it from your smart phone at www.naidf.com


*Online ordering for takeout and curbside pickup Is now available. Please note you will need a credit card to process any online or phone in orders.


*Please note we are following all sanitary and safety rules provided by the cdc and government officials.


*Condiments will be single serve until further notice


*Limited occupancy for restrooms. Only two at a time to adhere to the social distancing


*You will be asked to help us maintain records of customers, including one customer name and contact information per party. Your server will ask you for this Information. We cannot serve you without This as it is a requirement placed on us by the state so if someone becomes infected we can inform the appropriate people.


Please bare with us while we adjust to the new way of things. This is a learning curve and hopefully one we can put behind us in due time. We thank you for your support and are hopeful for fantastic 2020 season.

Candy and Scott Gregory

161 Main Street, Woolwich, Maine 04579

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